A virtual journey around the world
My solo circumnavigation
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About my circumnavigation

Flightsimulator: FSX
Airplane: Piper PA-31 Navajo (D-ITWB)
Current location: SCTE (El Tepual, Chile)
Next planned flight(s): SCTE (El Tepual, Chile)
Travelled continents: 4 / 7
Distance travelled: 13.718 nM / 91:43 hours
Route travelled:
Log book:
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Online flights

I fly every flight online on IVAO

Real time

I won't speed up the simulation rate or do "sandbagging"

The whole world

I must travel through all 7 continents


The highlights of my trip...

  • March


    Begin of preperation: Determine of airplane and approximate direction

  • 2nd of April

    Start of my jorney

    On April the 2nd, I started my jorney in Hannover, Germany. Hannover is going to be the end of my jorney too ;)

  • 29th of April

    First time in North America

    With the 5th leg, I reached my second continent of my tour: North America

  • 18th of June

    First time in South America

    With my 12th leg and my - so far - longest flight (12 hours) I reached my third continent: South America. It will be a very interesting continent, because I don't fly so often in South America.

  • To be continued

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Have a look on my YouTube Channel.All flights will be recorded and uploaded at YouTube ;)

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