A virtual journey around the world
My solo circumnavigation
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About my circumnavigation

Flightsimulator: FSX
Airplane: Piper PA-31 Navajo (D-ITWB)
Current location: NCAI (Aitutaki, Cook Islands)
Next planned flight(s): NCAI (Aitutaki, Cook Islands) - ?
Travelled continents: 5 / 7
Distance travelled: 22.768 nM / 147:16 hours
Route travelled:
Log book:
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Online flights

I fly every flight online on IVAO

Real time

I won't speed up the simulation rate or do "sandbagging"

The whole world

I must travel through all 7 continents


The highlights of my trip...

  • March 2017


    Begin of preperation: Determine of airplane and approximate direction

  • 2nd of April 2017

    Start of my jorney

    On April the 2nd, I started my jorney in Hannover, Germany. Hannover is going to be the end of my jorney too ;)

  • 29th of April 2017

    First time in North America

    With the 5th leg, I reached my second continent of my tour: North America

  • 18th of June 2017

    First time in South America

    With my 12th leg and my - so far - longest flight (12 hours) I reached my third continent: South America. It will be a very interesting continent, because I don't fly so often in South America.

  • 5th of November 2017

    First time in Antarctica and big break

    After 23 legs I reached my 4th continent: Antarctica. I stayed almost 6 month there and continued my tour in April 2018.

  • 25th of May 2018

    The long way over the South Pacific Ocean

    It was time for the most dangerous flights of my circumnavigation. Almost 10 hours over the Ocean without any chance to land. I landed with 6 gallons of fuel in Mataveri! It took me one month to find a good day to fly (good weather, good tail wind etc.). The next about 40 hours will be only over the ocean from island to island.

  • To be continued

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